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       Symbol : WC

Tungsten carbide is a very good material with high hardness, melting point and wear resistance. Some people describe it as ^the teeth of manufacturing ̄. It is widely used in the mining, petroleum, machining and steel industry.  We can supply large quantity tungsten carbide rod. We can also provide abnormal pieces according to the user's drawing and samples. All the goods are catch up  with ISO code K and P grade. The typical grade and product are following: 

  Typical properties        
  Grade   Material  Density ( g/cc)   Hardness (HRA)   T.R.S (N/mm2)   Grain (µm) 
TG08 WC+ 8%Co 14.85 91.5 1800 2.5
TG10 WC+ 9.5%Co 14.55 91.3 2300 0.7
TG12   WC+ 11.5%Co   14.35 90.5 2500 0.7


Tungsten Carbide Rods  
Size:     Dia.3 - 25x ( 10 - 450 ) mm
Supply state:  Grinded  

Tungsten Carbide Abnormal Pieces

    According to the user's drawing and sample.  


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