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   Xi'an Great Further Enterprise Ltd. is a holding corporation the field of refractory metals in China. It can be traced back to 1985.

       Now, we operate three factories which are local in ShaanXi and Henan province.  All of the factories technically produce from powder to finishing products. There are more than 80 skill professionals working in our factories.  All of our copartners have been working in the product line for 10 - 20 years.  With twenty years experience, we can supply quality products at competitive price. The following is our main product:

    Pure Molybdenum and TZM Molybdenum products  The materials meet to ASTM B386 and B387. We provide the goods in sintering state and forging state in shape of block, rod, tube, plate, foil and sputtering target. 

    Pure Tungsten and Porous Tungsten  We produce pure tungsten rods, plate, foil, sputtering target and tungsten crucibles. We also supply porous tungsten in rod.

    Tungsten Heavy Alloy (high density products )  For tungsten alloy product, the composition is W-Ni-Fe and W-Ni-Cu. The quality  is according to AMS-T-21014 American standard. We made tungsten alloy in rod, plate, ring, sphere, radiation shield and other abnormal pieces according your drawing.      

    Copper Tungsten Electrodes The product is infiltration processing. This metal composites have high physical and mechanical properties, as well as high thermal and electrical conductivity. We supply rods, plate, ring and abnormal pieces.

    Tungsten Carbide The main products are tungsten carbide solid rod. Our quality is better than the ISO code. Large quantity and competitive price.    

    Tungsten Crucible and Molybdenum Crucible include molybdenum boat and box. The products are made from high purity material. We have a lot of experience in this field. The Out-diameter is from 10 to 380 millimeter. 

     In the past years, we have sold our products to many countries, such as  America, Europe, Japan,  South Korea, Taiwan and etc. The total value is more than one million US dollars.   If you are looking for a good supplier from China, we are just the  one you wanted. We will supply quality products with competitive price and satisfying service.

   Small order is acceptable.

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