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      Quality Control System 

       Assure reliable quality, we invite Xi'an HuaShan Machinery Industry Measure and Testing Center to take charge of our quality control. We are also applying our own ISO9001 certificate. 

    Xi'an HuaShan Machinery Industry Measure and Testing Center was established on 1958 and more than 50 engineer work there. It is one of the biggest material and workpiece quality control company in North-west China.  It was designated as a quality control lab by our military authority.  There are many advance equipments in the lab, such as:
- ICP/5500 Atomic absorption spectrograph (from P-E, America) 
- JSM-840 scan electron microscope (from JEOL, Japan)
- Electron tensile test machine (from Charpy, Japan)
- CS-344 carbon and sulfur determinator (from LECO, America)
- RO-316 oxygen determinator (from LECO, America)
- Ultrasonic Flaw Detector (made in China)
- Micro Hardness Tester (made in China)

     All of our exporting products are passed three step analysis as following:
1. Raw material - analysis purity, oxygen, carbon, grain size.
2. Sintered blanks - inspect TRS, Density, Hardness, microscope.
3. Finish products - inspect dimension, tolerance, surface, ultrasonic flaw.
The three step analysis keep our shipping goods in reliable quality. 

We promise seriously:

    If the shipped goods could not up to the contracted quality, we will return the money to you, or ship the new goods to you. It is according to your choice.  

 Equipments in the lab

JSM-840  Scan electron microscope

Electron Tensile Test Machine

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